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Name: Label2Earn
Symbol: L2E
Decimels: 18
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What is Label2Earn?

When users decide to be a participant in the project they will have level 0. Level 0 means training phase. In the training phase, our system will teach our users how to draw lines accurately. They will be asked to re-draw on some images and the results will be checked by the system. All users will earn L2E tokens during training phase. In the case of accurate results, our users will gain a new and higher level. Higher level means more benefits and earning. When some users have gained higher levels, they can be considered as experts. The expert users can now label new dataset for our customers and earn more and more L2E tokens. Based on our initial tests, the expert users can label new datasets with better accuracy compared to automated labeling tools and free labeling toolboxes. And of course, with a large number of expert users we can produce AI datasets faster than any other system in the world. There are so many amazing ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are used behind the scenes to impact our everyday lives. AI assists in every area of our lives, whether we’re trying to get driving directions, get music or movie recommendations, Self-Driving and parking vehicles. Self-driving and parking cars use deep learning, a subset of AI, to recognize the space around a vehicle. Nowadays, deep learning systems have been employed in following areas:

  1. Autonomous vehicles
  2. Google Translate app
  3. Facial recognition
  4. Healthcare
  5. Real-time sports tracking
  6. Agriculture
  7. Manufacturing
  8. etc.

One of the most tedious parts of creating an AI system is actually gathering the dataset that you’ll be training your models on. L2E project will guide our customers through the process of generating their AI systems by gathering large and accurate training datasets very quickly. Our customers can be (but not limited) as the following list:

  1. Software Companies
  2. Startups
  3. Universities
  4. Offices and institutions
  5. Factories
  6. etc.

L2E project will generate new datasets with international data quality standards for AI, machine learning and deep learning systems. L2E project follows all the international data security standards to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of data at every level gaining the trust and confidence of our customers.

At the other hand, after training our L2E users for labeling datasets accurately, we will generate new datasets for ourselves by using about 15% of total supply. Then we will create several AI systems using these new datasets and deploy the systems as rest APIs. All customers can pay L2E token and use these systems instead of generating their own AI systems. Therefore, they can save their time, efforts and money. Generally, the paid tokens for using our APIs (generated AI systems) will be used to create new datasets by the L2E users.

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TOTAL SUPPLY 256 million
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Buy: 6% (2% Liquidity, 0.5% Competition, 3.5% Marketing/Development)

Cross Wallet: 6% Marketing/Development

Sell: 12% (4% Liquidity, 1% Burn, 7% Marketing/Development)

Tax Structure


Design Logo and Website
Design Mobile App (Ver 1)
Server Side Development
Create Smart Contract

Contract Audit
Listing on PinkSale
KYC badge
Listing on Pancakeswap

Listing on CoinMarketCap
Server Side Improvement
L2E App Improvement
Design GUI for New Datasets

1,000+ Expert Labeling Users
Create First L2E Dataset
Create Test API Web-Service
Find Labeling Customers

Create Dataset Marketplace
Listing on other Exchanges
Create Main API Web-Service
Marketing API Web-Service

L2E System Improvement
Labeling new Datases
New Labeling Customers
Top 1000 on CoinMarketCap



Users are currently earning. You can start earning right now. Just login by your Gmail and submit your wallet address. If you be a holder after launch, you can withdraw your earned tokens. About 15% of total supply can be earned by L2E users in the users training and testing steps.

L2E buy Tax is 6% (2% Liquidity, 0.5% Competition, 3.5% Marketing/Development).
Transferring cross wallets Tax is 6% (for marketing and development).
L2E sales Tax is 12% (4% Liquidity, 1% Burn, 7% Marketing/Development).

You can purchase L2E tokens using PinkSale , and after that pancakeswap. Please click HERE to watch a comprehensive overview.

Label2Earn (L2E) contract address: 0x2f4D345E909bcADCe4101E184ee899B27c650b9e

Main L2E developer is already doxed. He has PhD of Artificial Intelligence. See: LinkedIn Profile